What You Will Be Taught

Course Outline

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Get a solid foundation in digital marketing and understand how it can revolutionize your business. Discover the power of online channels and learn how to leverage them effectively.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Unlock the potential of SEO to rank higher on search engine result pages. Increase organic visibility and attract more targeted traffic to your website.

Website Development and Optimization

Learn the secrets to building a user-friendly and search engine optimized website that drives traffic and conversions. Create an online presence that stands out from the competition.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Harness the power of paid advertising to reach your target audience instantly. Drive qualified leads and achieve a high return on investment with strategic PPC campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Harness the power of social media to boost your business, through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn Ads

Email Marketing

Learn how to connect with your audience effectively through personalized and targeted email campaigns. Build strong relationships with your subscribers and drive conversions.

Content Marketing

Master the art of creating valuable content that resonates with your audience. Develop a content strategy that drives traffic, builds brand authority, and generates leads.

Graphics Design

Learn the principles of graphics design and how to create visually appealing digital assets. Enhance your marketing materials with compelling visuals that captivate your audience and convey your brand message effectively.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning:

Develop a holistic digital marketing strategy aligned with business goals. Understand the process of creating marketing plans, identifying target audiences, and implementing effective campaigns across different digital channels.

Alumni's Projects

Our Past Student's Projects

Graphics Design Project
Graphics Design Project

Student - 2022 Session

Website Design Project
Website Design Project

Student - 2023 Session

Website Design Project
Website Design Project

Student - 2023 Session

Graphics Design Project
Graphics Design Project

Student - 2022 Session


What Our Students are saying

Boluwatife Edun

For me that's always scared to stress my brain, it's funny, right? I've never believed in myself to be a Digital Marketing Expert but the first thing you said to me on the first day of training was "you can do it" and at the end of the training, I discovered that I could do anything because I eventually did and overdid it😂. Although, I was able to do that with your careful guidance.

Thank you for your teaching, patience, paying attention to each person, and belief in everyone.

I love the way you disseminate information regarding the training. Overall, it was a seamless experience and I'm glad I took part in the training.

I believe the upcoming classes will be worth more. Thank you once again. Keep up the good work"

Boluwatife Edun Student - 2022 Session
Babatunde Oluwaseun Owolabi

"The learning and unlearning process of what I knew and some of the things I don't know. I learnt how to practically stand out as a Digital Manager.

The elation of taking a bold step towards upgrading my tech career is fulfilling.
*TechieBreed* met my expectations so to a very large extent. I now believe my Digital Marketing skills has been sharpened to do more professionally.

Thank you TechieBreed"

Babatunde Oluwaseun Owolabi Student - 2022 Session
Roseline LASISI

I have attended multiple Digital Marketing classes. Just to have a heads up about the course/training.

Above all, his attentiveness, doggedness, focus, patience, and the skill of a teacher that he possesses make him stand out.

What an amazing man Mr. David @⁨TechieBreed⁩ is. He said, "Ask me questions, even if it's not related to what I am teaching you."

He has a good self-made way of relating. I can remember Day 1... 🤔. Thank you so much, sir, God bless you, sir.

Well, I'm now a Google Ads pro, SEO pro, Facebook Ads pro, and Website Designer Pro. Thank you sir @⁨TechieBreed⁩ for crossing all the Ts and dotting the Is for me in Digital Marketing.

God bless you, sir"

Roseline LASISI Student - 2023 Session