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Just like any normal day, I woke up stressed and tired one beautiful morning. The strange part of this day was that I woke up with an entirely different mindset. At this point of my life, I was running a 1 year compulsory internship program at a reputable insurance company in Lagos; this was in the year 2015. It was really a tasking experience but a blessing in disguise. This particular period of my life shaped me into being who I am today.


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The Story


Waking up on that particular day spurred me into deep reflections on how my life can by one living a boss-free life. In response to those reflections, I got on my phone browser and ran a quick web search on financial liberation as a subject and also read from experiences of notable individuals who walked this same route. This was done while on transit to the office this particular day. Then and there, I knew I had found the solution to my questions.


The answer is what I will simply summarize into ‘Following and Developing Passion’


I pondered on my numerous passions and skill-set amassed over the years. I weighed them all on a scale of preference and was able to figure out my biggest interest.


Working on a computer!!!


This sounds awkward really. Working on a computer has always been my most interesting activity while growing up. I had applied to study Computer Science in higher institution but due to an ill luck, the final resort was to study Estate Management (Everything happened for a reason I believe).


This interesting fact further led me into another session of web search on how I can hone my passion for computer into skill development. It was at this stage that I got to realize the possibility of developing a website without even writing a single line of code, this is achievable through the use of WordPress.


I got so interested and as God would have it, I was considered to be awarded an office PC (I was the first intern to be provided with a personal PC) to meet up with various work demand in my department.


This was the life changing experience.


On my normal working hours, I kept on shuffling between office responsibilities to learning how to build a website. Most times, I would arrive in the office as early as 6:30am purposely to catch-up on my WordPress building experience and avoid distraction that are liable to occur once working activities began.


Within 1-2 weeks of learning, I had developed a website which was housing reasonable number of contents. I named it www.bussydave.com.ng (no longer in existence). At this period, I had successfully learnt how to develop a website which was live but if I am to be honest, there was no sense of purpose for what I had built. I had only wanted to see how building a website looks like and how it functions and operate.


I was only making random post on virtually everything that came to mind, from copying and pasting every post I came across on the internet. Of course I was oblivious to what I was doing. I never even had an idea of what plagiarism was till a stranger who visited my site asked from the comment box the actual purpose for which BussyDave.com.ng was created to serve.


This question left me dumbfounded, I pondered on this sane question for a couple of days and this was the spark that yielded a positive turn around in my blogging career. I read virtually every post I came across relating to the rudiments of blogging, the testimony of which gave birth to GospelBreed.com which has repurposed my life into purpose fulfillment


With an average monthly users of about 800+ and 7000+ page views monthly plus a reasonable consistent flow of income from different means, not leaving out my technology advancement of having developed, designed and managed over 70+ WordPress website for individuals and corporate firms. I feel I’ve created an identity for myself in this niche which will surely be beneficial to everyone who desires a growth in their blogging and business career.


Something which started as a bit of fun turned out to be the biggest life-changing experience for me.


How TechieBreed can Benefit You?


Many newbie bloggers sometimes are overwhelmed with the technical part of effectively running their blogs, which most times limits their productivity and writing pace.


Also, the age we are in, is a period where many small scale businesses are springing up, many of which are without an online presence not to talk of any digital initiative to better their sales and returns.


Considering the current COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world, there are wide ranges of uncertainty, most especially for small scale business owners. At this period of time, a whole of happenings seems uncontrollable. This I believe should be a crucial wake up call for small business to focus on what can be controlled to survive this unprecedented time.


TechiBreed is centered at ensuring the tech side of owning and running a WordPress website is effectively managed and also providing a digital business guide on how WordPress resources can help you adapt to whatever change you might experience and streamline your workflow to continually grow your business.


What to Expect from TechieBreed?

    • 95% of practical tips on creating a website using WordPress and living one’s passion; the other 5% will be to update TechieBreed portfolios, so you get a feel of our newly executed projects.


    • Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners and Bloggers alike.


    • Beginners and Advanced WordPress, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing Techniques.


    • Detailed guide on ‘How to Blog’, Winning tips on ‘How to Drive Traffic to a Blog’ and ‘Different means of Earning from your Blog’


Action Note


  • As an individual who derives pleasure in writing, do you know you can turn this passion and skill into a regular flowing source of income, this post will guide you on how I monetize my writing skill first as a part-time blogger before I eventually graduated to a full-time blogger.


  • Do you own a website or blog already but you’ve been frustrated at the poor flow of traffic you record on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Well, I have you in mind as well. Springing from my past experiences as a newbie, I had likewise experienced this. At a point, I felt like quitting and pursuing another purpose. I will be sharing with you the practical winning strategies I adopted in winning good amount of traffic to my blog from different sources.


  • Lastly, TechieBreed is introducing an online training academy, centered on equipping small business owners and bloggers with the required digital skills to stay ahead of their competitors. You can follow this link to find out more about this and how you can register.


The end goal is to make every TechieBreed users and followers a WordPress Techie in their respective fields and industry.




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