How to Report a Copied Content to Google (2021 Updated)

This tutorial will guide you through the step by step process to report a copied content to Google.

It can be annoying and frustrating realizing one or many of your blog hardly labored researched blog post has been copied and pasted on another website, which is otherwise known as plagiarism.

This has a bad effect on your site ranking on search engines amongst other things.

Most time, these websites ranks higher than yours on Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs), which automatically reduces your organic traffic.

Do you just sit without taking actions?

I have a solution for you.

This tutorial will guide you through the step by step process to report a copied content to Google.

You reporting such website to google automatically removes those sites from web index while your search engine ranking will be restored, provided your request is vetted and approved.

From research, it takes approximately 3-15 days for Google to process your request.

STEP 1: Search for your Website Copied Content/Blog Post

There are several options to search for a plagiarized content.

The ones I have tried out in time past are Copyscape and PlagiarismChecker.

how to report a copied content to google


Also, like the approach I used in the image above, you can search out few line of words from your blog post, while ensuring they are in quote.


STEP 2: Report the Identified Plagiarized Content to Google

After searching and discovering the copied content(s), the next step is to report to Google.

Kindly go to Google DMCA Page

Then select, ‘CREATE A REQUEST’

Submit Plagiarism Request to Google



Removing Plagiarised Contents from Google


For the sake of this tutorial, I am assuming the copied content is on a self hosted WordPress website.

So I will select  ‘Google Search’ (or “Blogger” if it is a blogspot website).

Thereafter, select the appropriate options that relates to you.

On the next screen, select the following options:

>> Google Search

>> Intellectual property issue: report copyright infringement, circumvention, etc.

>> Copyright infringement: my copyrighted work is being used illegally without authorization

>> Yes, I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf

>> Others (If you are reporting for a stolen video or picture, then you can choose the first method)



After successfully choosing the above options, a form will now be served for you to fill

NB: You can use this single form to submit multiple links

Copyright Form

Fields to fill:

>> IDENTIFY & DESCRIBE THE COPYRIGHTED WORK: E.g. The original content belongs to me and I hold the copyright to the content. Reported blogs have copied my website contents. Kindly take the appropriate actions to this. Thanks,.


>> WHERE CAN WE SEE AN AUTHORIZED EXAMPLE OF THE WORK:  Kindly provide the link to the post on your website here


>> LOCATION OF INFRINGING MATERIAL:  Kindly provide the link(s) to the various post that were copied from your website.


Ensure you fill in all fields appropriately, then check the boxes to confirm your request.

Before submitting



If you discover those website uses Google Adsense, then you can report them to the Google Adsense Team for Violation of Copyright. This will cost the culprit an automatic ban of the site Google Adsense Account.

Kindly follow this link to report them to Google Adsense Team


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Do let me know if you find this tutorial guide helpful.

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