How to Give a Free Download to Your MailChimp Email Subscribers

The most common method to quickly boost your email subscription list is by enticing your potential subscribers with a free download.


One major issue that serve as an hindrance to achieving this goal is the setting up process, most especially when you decide to read through the documentation on mailchimp site, you get confused easily and give up the goal of easily building your subscription list.


But not to worry, MailChimp makes it easy to give a download to your subscribers (and only your confirmed subscribers!). The good part of this is that it is free, costing you nothing.


It is believed that you have a freebie ready and you must have created an account with MailChimp alread be fore proceeding with this tutorial.

I will be guiding you on 2 different methods you can use to give each new email subscriber their freebie.


NB: Usage of a Computer is advised for ease of setting up as a newbie.



An Automation sends an email based on a subscription trigger i.e. a custom email with the freebie file attached that is sent immediately upon subscription by a new user.

STEP 1: Login to MailChimp

Go straight to or click “Campaigns” in the top menu bar as shown below


STEP 2: Create Campaign

Click on the create campaign button.


Step 3: Select “Email”


Step 4: Select “Automated”,>> >“Subscriber Activity>>>” “Welcome new subscribers.”


Step 5: Give it a Catchy Name .

E.g. Amazing Opt-in Gift


Step 6: Select your list.

Since you are just starting out, give your subscriber list a name, something you can easily identify that audience with should incase you will be running more than one freebie after now.

Step 7: Click on the BEGIN button


Step 8: Give your Mail a Subject Title

It is advised by mailchimp that you should avoid the usage of words like FREE and other spammy words as your mail subject to avoid your mails not getting delivered to your recipient.

Step 9: Click on “Edit Design.”

Before you start composing your email, take the opportunity to choose a different email template if you’d like. There are few numbers of them, you can look through the existing template and select the one that best suits you.


10. Edit and Design your Email Campaign.

Click the “Edit Block” button for the content editor to appear, this will be seen at the right side of your screen.

To drag in a DOWNLOAD BUTTON, click on the BUTTON icon, shown in the image below.



Step 11. Upload the Freebie File

Hover over your BUTTON which you dragged in the step above

Select ‘File” from the “drop down menu” .

Then upload your file.

You may also choose “Web address” from the “Link to” drop-down if you need to link the download button to a very large file, like a podcast, audio file or an mp4 file.


Step 12: Click “Insert.”

Once you’ve returned to the “Insert or Edit Link” window,

Click “Insert” to insert the link right into the text you’d highlighted, to make it clickable.

Step 13. Click “Save and Close.” option

You can finish up your email campaign editing. Ensure you click on “Save and Close” after you’ve finished editing each block.


Step 14. Select  “Save And Continue.” option

When you’ve previewed and tested your campaign to your satisfaction, click “Save and Continue” to complete the setup.

Step 15. At this point, please confirm your “Sends To” settings and click “Start Sending.”

“Sends To” should choose “New contacts immediately after they join…”

If you’re satisfied with your settings, then click on “Start Sending” button.



Test your signup process with different email address to be sure there are no glitches in the set up

You can also click the confirmation links to know if the free gift will get downloaded.


That’s all


Let me know if this tutorial was helpful. If you have a question or you got confused at a point, kindly use the comment box below.


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