How To Become A Digital Marketer With No Experience

How To Become A Digital Marketer With No Experience


Many aspiring professionals have the same question: “How can I become a digital marketer without any experience?” Starting a business without any prior experience in digital marketing can present opportunities as well as problems as industries change and online platforms become essential for success. Together, we will examine practical steps and ideas to help you succeed in this digital marketing.

Digital marketing stands out as a dynamic and vital field in a world where technological breakthroughs impact every industry. Introducing Damilola, a fresh graduate with no professional experience but a passion for all things digital. Come along as we explore Damilola’s story and learn how, no matter what your background, you can launch your own digital marketing profession.

Who is a digital marketer? 

A digital marketer is an individual who uses internet channels to promote brands, products, or services. To connect and interact with potential clients online, employing techniques including content production,  search engine optimization(SEO), email marketing, social media marketing. They aid in the growth and visibility of businesses on the internet.


Meet Damilola, a final year student with no tech knowledge or even basic system skills. She has a passion for digital marketing but no prior experience. Follow Damilola’s journey as we explore simple steps to help you become a digital marketer, just like her.


Step 1: Learn the Basics

Damilola began by studying the fundamentals of internet marketing. She studied blogs, watched online courses, and enrolled in free classes to gain an understanding of ideas like email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and content production.


Step 2: Practice and Experiment

Damilola then created her own blog and social media like LinkedIn praise-babalola , Facebook, Instagram profiles to put what she had learned into practice. She tried a variety of tactics, including publishing interesting material, launching tiny ad campaigns, and utilizing Google Analytics to track results.


Step 3: Build a Portfolio

Damilola created a portfolio to showcase her skills despite the fact that she had no professional experience. Examples of her blog entries, social media campaigns, and volunteer activities pertaining to digital marketing were provided by her.

Click on this link to see the portfolio she created

Step 4: Network and Learn from Others

Damilola connected with mentors like The CEO of TechieBreed (Olajide David Oduniyi), joined online communities for digital marketing, and attended webinars to network with professionals in the field. She got direction on how to develop her abilities and gained insightful knowledge


Step 5: Stay Updated and Adapt

Damilola made sure to keep up with the most recent tools and trends because the field of digital marketing is continually changing. In an effort to stay current, she participated in online forums, read newsletters, and followed blogs in the field. 



Anyone can begin a career in digital marketing with the correct mindset and perseverance, as Damilola’s journey from inexperienced practitioner to self-assured professional shows. You can succeed in digital marketing by mastering the fundamentals, getting experience, developing a portfolio, networking, and remaining current. Because a saying goes “If you are not updated, then you are outdated”. 


As you can see from the list above, there are various steps to become a digital marketer with no experience

But, as an individual who wants to learn and does not have prior knowledge on digital marketing, what’s the solution?

I’ve got good news.

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I assure you, you will get practical experience, pick the brains of industry professionals, and open up new career options in the digital space by following and applying the practical steps the course will guide you through.

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Ignoring a digital marketer is like opening a business but not telling anyone.

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