How to Add Google Adsense Code Within a WordPress Website Post

Do you know you can easily add Google Adsense code within a WordPress website post?

Well, you probably just finished installing and creating a WordPress website/blog, Now you are thinking of earning from it using Google AdSense program.

Incase you are not aware before now, Google Adsense is one of the most popular and easiest ways to earn from any website or blog. They allow you to automatically sell your website’s ad space to advertisers and you get paid in return. Its that simple!

The purpose of this tutorial guide is to walk you through the step by step process of adding the google adsense code within your WordPress post.

But before then, I will love to give you an overview of what Google Adsense is all about, and how you can make the bets use of this program to gain maximum return possible.


How Does Google Adsense Work

Google AdSense is entirely a free program that every website owner or blogger can sign up into.

It helps you monetize your website by placing targeted ads provided by Google next to your site content for prospective customers.

When your website visitors clicks on any of the ads served, you get paid. The good part is that Google itself handles the process of billing all advertisers and networks for the ads, so all you need do is work on feeding users with quality blog post to gain more traffic which in turn increases your capacity of earning more.

One vital thing to note before applying for Google AdSense program is to make sure that your website is filled with original and unique content, and ensure your site can easily be navigated by any common web user, as Google may not accept your site into this program if any of this rule is violated.


Step 1: Sign Up

(a.) Sign up for  Google AdSense by visiting


Google Adsense


(b.) Kindly indicate your site URL and select the language of the site content.

For example, your website name is, then, the site URL may be or .


Adsense - 2


Afterward, click Save then Continue.

(c.) Enter your contact information on the next page.

Ensure you type in your name exactly the way it is on your bank account.

Then proceed to submit your application


(d.) Read Google AdSense Terms & Conditions and Program Policies then proceed to agree to them.


(e.) The next step, you will get a Google AdSense verification code which you need to copy and paste to your website.



(f.) Insert the copied code into your website.

This process will be done using a plugin named Insert Headers and Footers

Install and Activate the plugin




Thereafter, go to Settings >> Insert Headers and Footers menu.

Then paste the Google AdSense verification code you got in Step e above into the Headers section.

Thereafter, save your changes



(g.) At this point, kindly return to your Google AdSense account to check the box to confirm that you pasted the code and click Done



(h.) Kindly wait for Google to review your entire site and activate your account.

For some websites the activation process can few hours, while for others it can take up to a couple of days




1: There may be cases when Google won’t approve your site to run their program. If that happens, you’ll receive an email explaining the reason why. But do not worry! That will allow you to fix the issue and request that your account is activated once again. the review
You can contact TechieBreed to help interpret this mail and take necessary action so you can reapply and be approved.

2: The verification code that was inserted in the final step above has to stay on the website according to Google, so do not remove it after the account activation.


Step 2 – Copy Out Your Google Adsense Code

Once your Google AdSense account is approved, you will get access to all options to create a new ad unit!

Login to your Google Adsense account.

You’ll start by clicking on the Ads menu in the left column and then switching to the ‘By ad unit’ tab.

From here you need to click on ‘Create New Ad’.

You will be asked to choose an ad type. You can select from ‘Display ads’, then start with the display ads.



At this next stage, you need to provide any name of your choice for this ad unit and select the ad size and type.

The next option is choosing the Ad Size.

You can also choose whether you want your ad to be responsive or fixed.

I do recommend choosing responsive ads as they work well on all devices and screen sizes.

Then click on the Create button to continue.

You will see something like the image below.


Simply copy your ad code out. You will need it in the next step.

Step 3: Paste the Google Adsense Code in between WordPress Post

At this stage, you will install and activate a WordPress Plugin named Ads by WPQUADS

This plugin can be used to place Google Adsense code  in between WordPress post, start of a post or at the end of a post.

It can also be used to place the Ads on the sidebar if any website.





After the activation of the plugin, visit WP QUADS settings page on your dashboard menus







From the settings page, create the ads















    1. The default names are Ad1, Ad2, Ads3 and so on. Click the name and select your preferred own for the ad, like Banner, Square, Skyscraper or something similar.
    2. Select the AdSense option since the purpose of this tutorial guide is to create an AdSense ad.
    3. Any code can be inserted into web pages with this option, not just AdSense, so we will ignore this for the sake of this tutorial.
    4. If you copied the whole ad code in step 2, then click on this button then paste the code into the text box.
    5. If you copied the data-ad-client and data-ad-slot then paste yours here. You can only use one of this two options.
    6. Since we selected a responsive ad while on Google Adsense dashboard in Step 1, Click this menu and select Responsive.
    7.  Select one of these three options to determine the position of your ads. They determine whether the ad is on the left, right or centered.
    8. If the ad is too close to the text, increase the margin here.


Final Step: Enable the Ads

At this final stage, you need to enable the ad and choose where on the page to display it.



  1. Select the GENERAL & POSITION tab at the top.
  2. When you have a lot of ads, it is easy to lose track of them. A small number of well placed ads are better than lots of annoying ones. So I recommend 3-5 ads on a page.
  3. Tick the box to enable this ads rule.
  4. Select the ad type to display.
  5. This is where the ad will display, in the case of this tutorial, I have selected it to show at the middle of the post.


Don’t forget to click on the ‘Save’ buttons so your recent changes can be reflected.

The plugin will now add the ad code on all pages of your website as specified by you.

NB: It may take Google AdSense sometime to start showing ads if the ads account is an entirely new one that was just approved.


I do hope this article helped you add Google AdSense to any part of your WordPress site.

Do leave a feedback and comment below.


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