Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing: How it Works?

You’ll agree with me that TechieBreed will rarely recommend a program it has never had a taste of. But I find it effortless, to dedicate this blog post to this, cause we feel you can benefit from Expertnaire Affiliate like anyone else.

I’ve also had lots of messages in my inbox requesting to know more about what Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing is, how it operates and how they can earn as much as 7 figures monthly consistently on the platform.

PS: This is a long post and obviously not for everyone. It’s only for those who desire a change to their income status, and are ready to take actionable steps to make this realizable.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a business model where you help a company promote their products and when you make a sale on any of the products, you get paid a commission.

Hence that is why in this business model, you don’t need to create any product, you don’t need to manage employees, you don’t need to give customer support.

All you need do is sell.

From a single sale, you can earn as much as 50k.

How much can you make as an Affiliate Marketer?

This depends solely on the effort you put into making sales.Your income is only but limited to the number of succesful sales you can make.

A practial example is, two affiliate marketers, David and Olajide promoting the same product on Expertnaire.

David puts in more work and was able to successfully sell 10 units of the product, while Olajide works less and makes only 3 sales on the same product, David will certainly make more money than Olajide at the end of the day.


David: 10 Products (20k commission per sale) = #200,000

Olajide: 3 Products (20k commission per sale) = #60,000

So you see that only you controls how much you can earn as an Affiliate Marketer. So when you put in the work, there’s literally no limit to how much you can earn.

You can make as much money as you desire.

About Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing

Expertnaire is a super impressive affiliate marketing platform that offers a course named 72IG (72 Hours Income Generator) for all it’s registrants. This course teaches you how to sell digital products, generate traffic, and earn passive income all by pressing your phone.

What Makes Expertnaire (72IG) program Different from Other Affiliate Marketing Platform

As you all know, I’m a Digital Expert, with over 5 years experience working with different Affiliate Marketing Companies, such as Whogohost, Jumia, Konga, Expertnaire, etc.

▶️I can say with all boldness that Expertnaire is the only proven online and legitimate business platform you can venture into and within 72 Hours, start generating income.

▶️Registering automatically grants you access to Expert Training on Copywriting, Facebook Ads, Website Development, etc

Basically, you’ll be taught the major digital skills that are required to make big returns on sales, with a step by step guide, primarily beginners-centered.

▶️There are no physical Products like shoes, clothes, etc. Expertnaire deals with digital Products only – 100%

▶️It does not require that you talk to anyone to make the system work. This isn’t a downline or upline or whatever name given to those platform that requires you to refer people before you can earn.


▶️Text + Video Lessons
I love the fact that Toyin has made it in such a way that all his lessons are in video format while the resources to implement what he teaches come in different versions, docs, Zips, PDFs, and more.

Each lessons of the course inside 72IG consists of text and videos plus assignments on step by step procedures to follow.

▶️The good part to this is that, there is a money back guarantee on your registration fee for the course if you do not get any results after 30 days of implementing all that has been taught.

Important Things to Note:

1. Work Is Involved:
Humans are naturally wired to be lazy. We all prefer to sit down and be well taken care of. We all wan to earn a better income without doing any work which is why most persons fall for scams like MMM and the likes.

However, if you know you would like to venture into Expertnaire, then you have to understand that money is created as a result of exchanging VALUE.
(Note the word in CAPS)

The system model taught in the 72IG implementation program is a legitimate business model and it requires that you do some work primarily targeted at making sales.


2.Say NO to Excuses:

If you like to make a lot of excuses as a reason for not achieving your goals, then the 72IG implementation program is not for you.

“If you want to make excuses, make excuses, but I have never met someone who made both money and excuses”.

Toyin Omotoso once said that if excuses put money on your table then you can go ahead and make them.


3. Truth is All You’ll Hear:

The truth would set you free but first it would piss you off. The objective is not to spoon feed you but rather to show you what works so that you can implement it.

Before venturing into this affiliate platform, I was introduced into watching a video that explains everything about how Expertnaire works, as recorded by the founder (Toyin Omotosho), and everything about this program was plainly said in the video without hiding or sugarcoating anything.


Here’s the link:


4.You obviously need a smartphone and/or a Laptop:

You would be taught how to benefit from this program by simply using your phone. A laptop will also be necessary but it is not compulsory.

5. Internet connection:
I don’t need to tell you this. Affiliate marketing works more with being online, so you need a good internet connection.

6. Affiliate Marketing will Exist Forever

Affiliate Marketing is a super sustainable business model that has been pre-existing and will always exist, infact, it tends to thrive more in this digital age and as technology keeps advancing.

This 72IG System Is Obviously Not For Everyone:

▶️If you believe in getting every little things for free, it is obviously not for you.

▶️If you don’t have access to a good phone and/or computer and a working internet connection, it is not for you. You would not be able to maximise the system fully without a smartphone and internet connection.

▶️If you are not willing to put in some work in exchange for a better lifestyle, it is DEFINITELY not for you.

I only dedicate few hours everyday to put in some work to earn.
If you can’t give this less, then don’t even give it a trial.

My Testimonial as Evidence

My Testimonial with Expertnaire

Final words:

Failure is a big possibility if you expect to DO NOTHING yet expect EVERYTHING.

I will be more than willing to guide you through, my contact page is always opened, if you’d love to make further enquiries or register.

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